ISSN 0351-8892 (Штампано издање)
ISSN 3009-4666 (Online)

ISSN 0351-8892 (Printed edition)
ISSN 3009-4666 (Online)

UDC 81’25


Journal for traductology and related fields


Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia

For the publisher:

Dragić Vukićević

Launched in 1982


Issue 88 onwards: Prof. Milena Ivanović, PhD

Issues 1 – 87: Zoran R. Jovanović


11000 Belgrade, 9 Kičevska Street

Phone: 2442-997 and 2441-542


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The journal PREVODILAC is dedicated to the theory, practice and didactics of translation in various scientific and professional fields.

It succeeded the newsletter GLASNIK, which was the first official periodical and publication of the Association of Scientific and Professional Translators of Serbia. The newsletter provided information for the membership from a purely professional domain, primarily terminological. GLASNIK was published in the period from 1968 to 1974.

The journal PREVODILAC, as a periodical of the Association, was launched in February 1980. By the decision of the Information Secretariat of the SR of Serbia no. 651-22/82, dated March 16, 1982, the journal was registered as the 601st official publication in the Republic.

The main reason for launching the journal PREVODILAC was the lack of specialised periodicals in the field of translation in general. It was no longer a newsletter intended to inform its own membership, but its main goal was to respond with its content and profile to the interests of theorists and historians of translation, philologists, linguists, terminologists and lexicographers, students of philology faculties and high-school students of the translation department at the time.

Today, the journal PREVODILAC, as one of the few journals devoted to the study of translation in the region, and the only one oriented above all to translation in various scientific and professional fields, aims to encourage a scholarly approach in the research of translation topics. We also try to share information about important events, scientific and specialised publications in the field of translation, newly published dictionaries and other manuals for different languages. Specialised articles and papers in the Glossary section have a practical goal – providing a kind of help to translators in their daily work.

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