ISSN 0351-8892 (Штампано издање)
ISSN 3009-4666 (Online)

ISSN 0351-8892 (Printed edition)
ISSN 3009-4666 (Online)

UDC 81’25


Journal for traductology and related fields


Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia

For the publisher:

Dragić Vukićević

Launched in 1982


Issue 88 onwards: Prof. Milena Ivanović, PhD

Issues 1 – 87: Zoran R. Jovanović


11000 Belgrade, 9 Kičevska Street

Phone: 2442-997 and 2441-542


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The journal PREVODILAC is dedicated to the theory, practice and didactics of translation in various scientific and professional fields, as well and in related disciplines, such as contrastive linguistics, methodology of teaching foreign languages and specialised language, literary translation.

The journal PREVODILAC publishes original papers that have not been previously published: scholarly, professional and review papers, and reviews of books on the translation theory, practice and didactics, critical reviews of translations of scientific and specialised texts, terminological and lexicological research and specialised papers, as well as essays related to digital technology and artificial intelligence in the translation industry.

Submissions to the journal can be written in Serbian, languages of the region, as well as in the world’s major languages. For papers in the Serbian language, the Cyrillic script is used.

Issues of the journal PREVODILAC are published twice a year, in June and December.

The deadline for submissions for the first issue is March 15, and for the second issue, September 15.

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